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Travelling with children...who would do this?!? But really, what a great experience!!

When my children were young I loved to share places and experiences with them. I wanted them to have a sense of adventure and know that there is a big world out there to explore, and I wanted holidays for myself as well.

We have not been super financial for the majority of our lives together so driving and camping it was, and what a great adventure. Luckily I love to drive and explore, and the kids loved camping also, even though they had no choice really, but truly enjoyed this time.

We have travelled all over Western Australia and Tasmania as driving holidays. Living away from family meant we also always travelled for school holidays and Christmas breaks to visit and have extended family time.

When travelling, and also driving trips in general when you live int he country, planning is the key!

Last weekend I was lucky to take my granddaughter on a driving trip to see extended family, and what a great experience for us. These times are so much fun, if you plan correctly.

So what to consider?

The best time to travel - weather and routine. What side of the vehicle will the sun be on? When do they need to sleep/eat? Do we need stops? What will the arrangements when we get there? These are all the things that parents consider.

However, we also need to be prepared with entertainment and snacks. My children always had their own little cooler bags, so no fights and self service. They also always had a backpack, even when they were little, in the car with hand games, books and Magna Doodle drawing is awesome for travel.

Games are great as they get older. We used to love making up silly reasons for town names and of course there is always spotto and other interactive games. As infants, if there are 2 adults, why not enjoy the back seat with them for a while and have a great chat. Toys that move and make noise while moving our hands are ideal to keep young ones entertained. Audio books for all ages are available these days.

So next time you think about a holiday, think drive, plan, drive and enjoy time together.

I have watched my children grow and learn so much from each of these trips and now my grandchildren to. We love to take them on holidays with us away from the parents. They behave better and there is no nagging :) and such amazing memories to be made along the journey.

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