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The Purpose

Touch is the first sense to develop and the last one to go

The purpose behind baby massage and specifically Infantastic baby massage is to guide parents/care givers in learning how to communicate in a non-verbal language as well as to pass on valuable skills and guidance. Through the magic of touch, which is our first sense to develop and last to leave us, we can work with and balance the different body systems including nerve stimulation and body-brain connection.

Infantastic has other added benefits such as our added first aid, make n take, sensory play sessions and the integration of individual assessments and aiding in teaching skills for child development which are acquired through other learning, experiences and play.

Infantastic is about sharing your experience with others, supporting and being supported and knowing that we are here if you need.

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Who I Am and What I Do

My Background

Hi, I'm Tanya, I'm a mother to 2 beautiful children and as well being blessed to also be Grandmother. I have worked with kids of all ages for over 20 years now including in education, allied health, disability and sport. While raising my own kids I had no family around however am lucky enough now to live in the same town as town as my beautiful granddaughter. What inspired me to learn more about baby/child development and end up teaching baby massage classes? My kids- I had 2 very different kids, my first well lets just say we are all lucky to come out of that alive. She was the baby who never slept, had severe colic, god forbid you put her down and honestly we both took naps with her in her car seat on the washing machine. My son? Total opposite! I used to go and poke him to see if he was still alive. However I can see now how that difference has also impacted them throughout their lives. I also never want to have to see another Mum go through the pure exhaustion and stress, feeling alone and incapable when there are so many options to try. In the medical and professional field I was treated like a neurotic first time Mum, and I want to empower Mums so they know that that stigma is not true and not accepted. 


Why baby massage? Touch is one of the very first senses we develop and it is all so important. We all know about the importance of skin to skin contact when bubs are born well that doesn't stop. Using the skills of baby massage it allows me to guide beautiful bonding sessions whilst teaching invaluable skills such as how to clear your little ones sinuses, stimulate that body to brain connect, relieve digestion issues and so much more especially in terms of aiding development as well.  

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