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Christmas with Children

Oh how exciting if this is your first Christmas with baby, or perhaps your child is now old enough to understand Christmas (well at least notice every light, tree and Santa in town and tell you over and over and over that they saw it haha)

And oh how hectic and definitely time to rethink now that there are more of you, and maybe even mobile babies that love to touch everything.

Put the tree up high, maybe a table tree this year

Choose presents with big boxes, they loooove the boxes

Keep presents simple, remember they just need you most of all (and the boxes, don't forget boxes)

Keep food simple and fresh, so when we over indulge we don't feel quite so bad

Fruit water is great, infuse some flavour and nutrients while making the taste fun

Frozen fruits, yoghurts and jelly are great for young children to enjoy. Babies can enjoy these also by using one of these mesh fruit holders. Large pieces of frozen fruit and vegetables are fun to.

Make time for quiet time, for you and children, as Christmas cheer can become over whelming and we can easily become over stimulated. (we don't want grinches)

Maintain routines where you can, even against family pressure, remember all your child really needs is time and you!

No matter how old your children are, the principles are the same.

And remember, Christmas is not about the food, presents and the's all about these guys, and gratitude for these special little people gifts that we have in our lives, even when it's tough sometimes.

It's 1 day and it passes and tomorrow keeps coming with so many new milestones to meet and experiences to be had with your child as they grow (this is a lifelong, not a one dayer lol)

So enjoy your family, near or far, and hold them close in your hearts, set a chair for those watching from above and put your feet up, because you so totally deserve it xo

Merry restful Christmas from all of us and especially Tanya x

(my children and 1 grandie enjoying Christmas eve lights tradition still)

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