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Branching out and sharing globally

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

So this is my first ever ever ever blog, but I do plan to share more and hope to keep this regular. I never thought I had much to say and share worth listening to, even though I have been told otherwise at times. And now here I am, telling everyone and sharing our beautiful classes with everyone and stepping far from my comfort zone.

When my daughter first came to me with this idea I freaked out a little. I had so much else to deal with at the time in our situation, but I loved the idea and once I trusted that I could do this with her help, it became exciting. Just think...our classes here in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, that our local community embrace and find so comforting and helpful, can go global and comfort and support other parents around the globe.

I often wondered how that could be possible somehow, and now, here we are, and thank you for joining us on this amazing new journey.

I love teaching and sharing with our baby massage parents and have learnt so much from my own experience as a mother and grandmother, but you have probably read about that already on our page. But another great opportunity I had was to work with an amazing physiotherapist that embraced baby development and worked so great with keeping it basic and effective for parents. We created groups, that continue today, and I learnt how to run these, the importance of these and also so many skills that I love to share to our parents. I am not a physiotherapist, but I learnt and embraced the major difference that can be made through the sense of touch and basic skill sharing with parents in place of "therapy" at times. Therapy does not have to be a "session" as such, it can be enjoyable and should be ongoing and not be a chore for the parent.

Through sharing baby massage and the connections made, we can enable our parents and give them tools and communication with their perfect little one to create confidence and understanding in both.

I am so looking forward to seeing where we take this, a little nervous to say the least, very grateful and excited for sure. Thank you and please do send us questions or topics and join our social media groups and pages...and of course, enjoy your little one and having this quality time with them.

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