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Never to young to learn self care and relaxation

Why do we "wait" to teach our children to enjoy self care? When instead of time out or naughty chairs, we could teach them to enjoy self time out and tranquility to destress and rebalance.

In Baby Massage I teach to have a special blanket or towel that is used for massage,, and as they grow some toys that are used at that one on one time only. This not only creates part of the routine but then this ritual becomes a positive quiet time when we find our toddlers and young children getting "out of control" They learn that this alone time on their blanket with those special toys is pleasant and that being calmer is positive.

For older children we teach the use of a bean bag, in classrooms we have used these also, to allow a child to sit, comforted, and to take some time to regroup. Again this can be a very positive experience when encouraged to use when they feel they need some space. The comfort, ease and pressure of the bean bag is great to calm the nerves, like a little hug, and they can use this to remove them solves from the space of others or events that are causing them frustration.

To teach children the importance of being alone and enjoying some tranquility in their lives is a vital skill. To enjoy and treasure time alone and not feel lonely. To instead relish the opportunity to have clear space with minimal input and to have physical space around them to take in their surroundings and appreciate them.

Challenge! Lie on a rug outside and observe the clouds and make pictures, just like when you were a child. Share this with your child and create pictures and stories with what you see in the sky. Enjoy some still time with them, modelling how to enjoy quiet time and this is a great starter and child like form of meditation away from outside input. So many benefits, so why would we not do this ourselves anymore?

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