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Being a Mum and what that "Title" means

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I have always loved being a Mum, well after my first child decided to allow me to relax and enjoy this further that is lol. But seriously, I love being a Mum and a Grandma, plus the extra children and families that have been a part of my life along the way. Sometimes we say that we are "just" a Mum...but wow what an understatement!

As a Mum we not only raise and take care of our children's safety, but are the very first influence's (mums have been pioneers in so many ways) I bet you never thought of yourself as an influence in modern terms, nor as a pioneer...well you are! and you achieved this prior to social media! You solve problems never even considered before.

In our families we are the parent, as well as many other roles, and boy does our education just go on and on while learning from experience, asking and googling for answers to questions we never anticipated how does a bull dozer work and why does an owl stay awake at night? (my 4 yr old son asked me that once)

I have always thought that my greatest blessing and purpose was to bring my 2 amazing children into this world and if that was my purpose then I was totally happy with that and proud of that. Just recently I was thinking about this, while puffing up my chest and thinking how lucky I was to have been trusted with that role, when I realised that it was also my purpose to live my own life to the fullest and to share this with my children.

It is important to enjoy our own interests and to have our own friends and also our own sport, break time and creative outlets to maintain our own identity and purpose. We want our children to be individuals and live their own life and we should show them how it's done.

So no longer saying "just a Mum" but instead I am Tanya and one of my passions is also being a Mum and Grandma and influencing our futures by enjoying my life both beside them and with them and also without them.

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