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Why do we want to massage our children?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Or maybe the question should be, why "wouldn't" we want to massage our children?!

The sense of touch is the biggest sensory input into our body, we all know the satisfaction of hug when we need it. The chemical increase in our brain that helps us to feel good, the sense of connection with another person and especially the acceptance of another person. Once upon a time, baby massage was taught in hospitals to help mothers bond with their children, but sadly there is not time in our health system any more. Thankfully though we have awesome community services to help support and teach and share with our new parents.

I wish I had known baby massage, and the techniques I now share, when my children were young. I am, however, grateful to share these with my grand children, and teach others.

Many cultures naturally massage their children, and this is handed down through the generations, so all those people around the world can't be wrong.

Massage stimulates our circulation and our lymphatic system to help us build strong immunity. It works with our nerves and our brain to body connection....we all understand the frustration of a slow internet connection so imagine the frustration that shows in behaviour when we have a slow nerve connection in our body.

Our touch and movement also helps our bubs to integrate and establish primitive and postural reflexes to help with development, and establish a positive body awareness.

Then another very very important reason is that it is nice, it is one on one time and it feels great for both the child and the parent. not stop when they are babies! Keep going, and when they won't let you do it, book them in somewhere nice. As they take part in sport, and study hard, they need this TLC for their body, mind and spirit to reduce stress and balance body systems and functions.

What better gift can you give than your caring touch and time?

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