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Baby Massage is about learning to communicate your love for your baby through touch. You do a particular stroke...and they smile back at you-

and you keep that forever. 

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Options to suit yours and your bubs needs

“Nothing is so healing as the human touch”

Bobby Fischer

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~Baby Massage Classes~

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Online or in person

What You Need

What you need if doing massage at home

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1. A baby/toddler/child
(haha no but seriously)

Get your child, yes they can really be any age, and get them to lay down in front of you. Make sure they are in a good mood (so not hungry or over tired) and comfortable so it can be handy to have a towel or blanket underneath them.

Something to Massage with

You're going to need something to massage with. In clinic we have an amazing massage balm designed for use on bubs which you can purchase or otherwise you can use coconut oil. We don't recommend using olive oil or vegetable oil as they are the wrong pH and can block your babies skin.

A comfy space

Get yourself settled and comfortable, remember massage is calming for both the giver and receiver so make sure you are comfortable, there are limited distractions and enjoy this time with your little one. Have an older child? Give them a doll and they can join in too!


It was a lovely bonding experience with my baby girl, was great learning different ways to massage our baby for calm/relaxation and to assist with wind/digestive issues , first aid was so useful and the sensory play was fun for everyone and the best part was meeting lots of other new mums and their gorgeous babies and seeing them every week.

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